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Grow your income
with your reactions!

With Subzie, you can organize fan requests and receive income for your reactions.

It's 100% free!

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What is Subzie?

Subzie is a platform that makes it easy for creators to grow their income and build stronger connections with fans. Easily receive, prioritize and manage fan requests in one place. Accept donations for free and get paid directly by fans for your reactions.

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Connect with your audience

Stay in tune to what matters most to your fans. Build stronger connections by responding to requests from your most loyal fans.

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React and earn money

Fans can seamlessly make reaction requests and boost them with rewards. Respond to boosted requests and immediately get rewards paid out.

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Donations are completely free

There are no monthly charges or hidden fees for our creators. You get to keep 100% of all fan donations. A donation is a gift. We don't believe it is fair to take a cut out these gifts from your fans.

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How does it work?

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Create your unique Subzie page and share it with your fans.

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Receive, manage and respond to all your fan requests in one place.

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Get paid immediately by responding to boosted requests.